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I think that people who need to cut others down in order to feel good about themselves are generally insecure or lack self-confidence. Perhaps you could help this person by finding their strength and highlighting it - complimenting it - giving them the opportunity to use it/build on it. Never acknowledge the condescending remarks/actions. That will only reinforce the behavior.

I also have some unsolicited advice (I'm a Mom - That's what I do). Teach your kids not to interrupt others when they are speaking. Make them wait until you are finished then make sure you give them the opportunity to speak as soon as you are done. (don't blow them off completely) By the time you are finished they may have forgot or resoled their issue on their own which is a win-win.

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Besides our words, we also need to watch our body language when we’re feeling condescending about someone. Because it comes out from our attitude in our face, the direction we look, or don’t look, and body posture. The key is to see others through the eyes of Christ. And realize we truly are equally loved and valued, regardless of our life circumstances or situations. And that common thread of humanity Interconnects us all and helps me understand that I am lifted up when you are lifted up. And I am diminished when you are diminished. If I truly believe that, I would never want to diminish another person.

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